Tampography and Tampographic Stamping

At Rotomolding Silco we are Experts in Tampography and Tampographic Stamping of figures.

We offer a tampography service endorsed by more than 30 years in the market.

We also guarantee delivery times and the quality of the final product. Seriousness and Professionalism.

Tampography or Tampographic Stamping on figures service

Once the product is complete it has to be finished and finished in maximum detail.

At Rotomolding Silco we can finish his figure using Aerographic Decoration,Hand Paintingor using the technique of tampography.

If your figure requires Tampographic Stamping, we take care of everything.

In addition, we can offer this service to third parties which helps you in your production.

Remember that you can fully rely on our Tampographic Stamping service as we guarantee delivery times and finish quality.

Tampographic Stamping Service for Utensils, Glasses or Tableware

We offer our tampography service for advertising companies that wish to stamp or decorate their products.

Tampography is ideal for:

  • Putting a logo on a plastic cup
  • A name on a lighter
  • An anagram on an item of cutlery

At Rotomolding Silco you can rely on our professionals to get a perfect finish using this decoration technique.

How does Tampography work?

We’ve all seen a stamp or a seal that is wet in ink and then placed on a piece of paper.

In accounting the stamp, seal or buffer stamp is usually used to mark invoices as posted.

When you go to the bank to make a payment this buffer stamp bathed in ink shows proof of payment.

Well, tampography is just that, using a buffer stamp to decorate or produce a drawing on an object.

The difference is the type of buffer and the type of ink used in addition to the precision and speed with which objects are decorated.