Product design, prototype and advice

The first stage of manufacturing your product is to design and create a prototype of the product.

In addition, during this initial stage of design of your product, it is essential to choose the material it will be made with.

The professionals that form our Design Department will advise and assist you from start to finish on:

  • Prototyping or mock-up
  • Material for the manufacture of the product
  • Production: rotomolding or injection
  • Decoration and finish

1. Creating the prototype or mock-up of the product

For the creation of the product prototype we have the best professionals and craftsmen as well as the top 3D designers in the industry.

Depending on the needs of the part or figure, this prototype or mock-up can be created with different materials:

  • Making the prototype or mock-up with wax
  • Preparation of the prototype or model with plaster
  • Manufacture of the prototype or model with clay
  • Creating the prototype or 3D model

2. Advise on Materials

The type of material that we will use for the manufacture of the product is extremely important.

Depending on the target, purpose and usability of the part you must choose the perfect material.

A toy for a baby is not the same as a product display for the food industry.

This is why, thanks to our experience, we will advise you on the best material for the manufacture of the product

At Rotomolding Silco we adapt to your needs and use the best thermoplastic materials:

  • Plastisol: Mixture of resins (PVC) and plasticizers
  • Vinyl: Better known as PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene

3. Production Advice: Rotomolding or Injection

Once we have selected the target of the product as well as the material, we will then decide how the part will be produced.

As a result, we will select the best option:

  • Rotomolding
  • Injection

Thanks to rotomolding we can obtain both small and large size hollow pieces.

This way we are saving material or creating objects that cannot be manufactured using other techniques.

Injection will allow us to create any type of part consisting of a non-hollow thermoplastic.

4. Advice on decoration and finishing

Finally, you need to decide on the best technique to decorate and finish your product.

At Rotomolding Silco we are specialists in aerographic decoration as well as tampography.

Therefore we can advise you on the best techniques to finish your product.

Aerographic decoration allows for quality finishes with incredible gradients.

Tampography is used to decorate the figures with fewer gradients and that need a perfect profiled finish.