Aerographic Decoration and Airbrush

Specialists in Aerography and Aerographic Decoration of dolls, toys, figures and products in general.

We deliver your product with a perfect finish thanks to our professionals in Aerographic Decoration.

Aerographic Decoration is the last stage of our Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturing Service“.

With this service, you bring us the idea and we take care of turning it into a reality.

We use the best equipment and materials in Aerography and Aerographic Decoration

In order to achieve the perfect finish for your product, Rotomolding Silco, S.L uses the best materials, lacquers and aerographic paints.

To choose the best paint, we first study the material and the type of surface we are going to decorate.

Our wealth of experience in airbrush decoration allows us to always choose the best solution.

In addition, we adapt 100% to the needs of the product and our customers.

Finally, we should inform you that we use the best brands in aerographic equipment.

This ensures the quality and finish of your products.

Products finished using our Airbrush service

Below we offer you a portfolio with a selection of airbrushed products.

You will be able to see the quality in the aerographic decoration.

Airbrushing and airbrushing service to third parties

If you wish, we also offer the Airbrushing or Aerographic Decoration Service to third parties.

As specialists in Airbrushing, we can offer the best service and at a competitive price:

  • Guarantee of delivery in installments
  • Perfect Finishes
  • Painting advice

Airbrushing or Aerographic Decoration Features

You have no doubt seen a doll or figure painted with spectacular gradients.

You can also see how the colors are mixed leaving a perfect finish.

Well, the chances are this figure is painted using the technique of airbrushing.

This technique is also called aerographic decoration or airbrush decoration.

The main characteristic of this technique is that the paint is sprayed using an airbrush.

This is why the artist in this technique can control the amount of paint on each area of the figure.

Spectacular results are therefore obtained.

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