About us

Rotomolding Silco, S.L. is a company made up of people, our most important active.

Professionalism, seriousness and closeness with our clients are our hallmarks.

From the design department to the maintenance service we form a great team wanting to offer peace of mind, guarantee and competitiveness to our customers.

Rotomolding Silco Departaments

Design Department

Our Design department is responsible for collecting an idea, creating the project and designing the 3D molds, deciding the materials and organizing the team.

Engineering Department

Responsible for the manufacture of molds either for rotomolding or plastic injection.

A crucial process since the soul of the product, the mold is the dna of the final piece.

Production Department

The production department is the centerpiece of the entire process.

They create the parts either by rotomolding or by injection and are stored either to deliver to the customer or to give them the best finish.

Logistics Department

We can store your finished products until delivery or even get them anywhere in the world.

R&D Department

Rotomolding Silco is in continuous research and development process to always offer the best to its customers.

In the midst of immersion in Industry 4.0, we anticipate the needs of the merdado is why after more than 30 years we remain on the crest of the technological wave.