Specialists in Rotomolding and Air Decoration

At Rotomolding Silco we are experts in Rotomolding and Aerographic Decoration as well as in Tampography and Hand Painted Figures

In our facilities we are responsible for the manufacture of figures by rotomolding in addition to toys and dolls by rotational molding.

We can create by rotomolding, for example, a custom rubber doll from a photo you have, a costume, or a simple sketch.

Services we offer for the manufacture of figures by Rotomoldeo


Custom Manufacturing

We offer a complete service of manufacturing plastisol or vinyl figures tailored from the initial idea to the final product



We are experts in rotomolding toys, figures and pieces of Vinyl or Vinyl, Plastisol and Rubber.


Mold manufacturing

From a sketch or photo, we can create the mold to manufacture your product using rotomode or rotational molding.


Aerographic Decoration

We are specialists in the aerographic decoration of dolls, figures and toys with perfect finishes ready for distribution.


Pad printing

We are experts in tamponography or Tampographic Stamping to decorate figures, toys or advertising objects with the best finish and quality.


Hand Painted

Our craftsmen and artists can finish the items and figures with hand painting. There are finishes that only expert hands can perform.

What we can do at Rotomolding Silco

The manufacture of figures by rotomolding applies to various sectors within the industry.

Therefore, whatever your purpose, here we can develop it.

Learn how Rotomolding works

In this video you can see how doll pieces are created using Rotomoldeo

In this process, the powdered plastic or liquid is poured into a mold.

It is then rotated on two biaxial axes that rotate, while it heats up.

The plastic melts while it is distributed and adheres throughout the inner surface.

Finally the mold is cooled to allow the finished part to be extracted.

In recent years, Rotomolding has strongly caught the attention of the industrial community because of its qualities.

At Rotomolding Silco, S.L. we are specialists in Rotomolding.

We can manufacture doll parts such as heads, feet or arms as well as custom figures.

Our Process of making figures or dolls by rotational molding or rotomolding

At Rotomolding Silco we follow a process of production and manufacture of figures by rotomolding as it makes us unique.

In addition, this process has been carried out for more than 30 years but always adapting to the new technologies and the needs of our customers.


Product design and prototype

First of all, we can start from a photo, a costume, an idea or a description, we elaborate the prototype or the initial model of the product.

After and according to the needs this protype can be made with different materials, mud, clay or wax.

The purpose of this process is to develop a model to create the mold.


Mold and tooling manufacturing

Then and depending on the type of product we manufacture the molds and tooling for decoration.

This is why, from our Engineering Department, it is decided how we will produce the product and choose the right type of mold

Finally, the decoration tools necessary to leave your figure or toy perfectly finished are created.


Serial manufacture of the product

Then, depending on the material and type of manufacture, our Production Department will proceed to create the product in series.

Therefore, we can create custom plastic parts, toys or figures using rotomolding.


Quality control

Once the product is manufactured, our production team reviews each piece by hand to ensure a perfect finish.

At this stage of the manufacture of custom parts or figures, we remove leftovers and leave the semi-finished product ready for decoration.

In addition, products that do not go through quality control are recycled, thus contributing to the improvement of the environment.


Finishing the product

Finally, we finish the product according to the initial specifications. We use different techniques such as airbrushing.

We also use tampography for products that require it as glasses or plastic parts.

Finally, explain that we have the service of painting and decoration by hand of the figures thus obtaining a perfect finish.

In short, a start-to-finish process for the manufacture of your figure, toy, item or object from an idea to the final product by rotomolding.

Custom-made figures and pieces from the initial idea to the final product by Rotomolding Silco
Figures and pieces made to measure from the initial idea to the final product by Rotomolding Silco
Rotomolding Silco, S.L. - From idea to final product

Why choose us for the manufacture of your figures by rotomolding

Customer satisfaction

Rotomolding Silco is a company whose main purpose is the full satisfaction of its customers.

As a result, Rotomolding Silco continues after more than 30 years in the elite of making custom shapes, dolls and items by rotomolding or rotational molding.


At Rotomolding Silco we have the ISO 9001 certificate with which we demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of customers.

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems (GSCs). It is the most widely used SGC standard in the world, with more than 1.1 million certificates issued in 178 countries.

ISO 9001 provides a structure and set of principles that ensure a logical approach to management in order to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.


Rotomolding Silco is part of the AIJU and IBIAE associations which allow us to be at the forefront of technology, safety and quality control.

In addition, we are located in the "Toy Valley", an industrial area dedicated to the manufacture of toys and dolls.

Therefore we have a number of collaborators and services to offer you the best and with guaranteed quality.

Ask us for information without obligation

Ask us for information or ask for your questions without any commitment.

In addition, please indicate that according to the GDPR you can rest assured by your data as we do not transfer it to third parties.

To finish, also tell you that we are not going to send you advertising either.

We will only use your data to send the information you have requested.

Custom plastic figures by Rotomoldong Silco