Vinyl, Plastisol and Rubber Rotomolding

At Rotomolding Silco, S.L. we are specialists in the manufacture of rubber dolls, pieces and figures using the rotomolding technique and can manufacture products with Vinyl or Vinyl and Plastisol among others.

With rotomolding or rotational molding, we create ideal hollow figures to meet your needs:

  • We make Rubber Dolls.
  • We create Vinyl Figures.
  • We produce Toy Parts made of Plastisol.

Don’t forget that our rotomolding service is within our “Custom Figure Manufacturing Service” where we start with your idea until the final manufacture and finishing of the product.

Manufacture of custom rubber dolls using Rotomolding

One of our specialties, we can create your custom rubber doll from a photo or a drawing.

If you have a business and you want us to make your logo in rubber, we can do it.

If you are part of a team and have a pet, we can mass-produce the figure of the pet to celebrate the club’s anniversary, for example.

Whatever the purpose, at Rotomolding Silco, we can create your custom rubber doll.

Rotomolding Service to Third Parties with Vinyl, Plastisol or Rubber

We can also manufacture by rotomolding Vinyl, Plastisol or Rubber to third parties.

In this way we can help you in your production with the guarantee and peace of mind we offer you at Rotomolding Silco.

We are also experts in rotomolding which allows us to guarantee delivery times and deadlines with perfect finishes

Finally, we would like to explain that, from our design and engineering department, we can create our own rotomolding molds thus offering a comprehensive service.

Low-Cost Rotational Molding Service for Short Runs

If you are an individual, a group, an association and you want to create your own figure or toy, we can create it.

We offer a low-cost rotomolding service of parts without losing any guarantee.

This is achieved by making nickel molds that are less expensive to produce and perfect for short runs.

We can create your figure from 500 units.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.